The reenactment project for the period 1400-1420 was established in 2013 in collaboration with the Medieval Village of Turin. From this collaboration it was inaugurated, in the fortress of the village, a “living museum”, unique in Italy, which is a reconstruction of a nineteenth-century castle in Piedmont from the early fifteenth century. The reconstruction project makes use of the valuable advice of historians of CRISM (Research Center on Institutions and Societies Medieval), from the University of Turin.

The historical period chosen for the reconstruction covers the first two decades of the fifteenth century (1400-1420) focusing on the area of ​​Savoy, and having as a landmark event the elevation of the Savoy duchy under Amadeo VIII in 1416. Reconstruction and the study has the subject of a court likely noble Savoyard, and include, besides the Lord and his family, the members of the court, the servants of the castle and the men-at-arms and archers of the garrison. The composition of the court reflects the results of studies on a variety of documents of Cisalpine and Transalpine Savoy. Also the clothes are the result of a meticulous historical research project of tailoring, that attempts to recreate the complex techniques of tailoring of the fifteenth century.

The environment of the Fortress allows reconstruction of scenes of daily life, as well as important moments and celebrations, all with strict historical accuracy. All the details are examined by researchers of the University of Turin and supported by expanded bibliography, in an attempt to provide a reconstruction as precise as possible and to make the visit an experience of high educational value for the spectators.