The Siege of Soncino 2015 – 3rd-4th October 2015

Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th will be busy as crossbowmen defending the walls of the Castle of Soncino (near Cremona), in a reenactment of a 13th Century siege which boasts the presence of more than 150 participants in historical dress from some of the best re-enactment groups from 13th Century throughout Italy.

The Siege of Soncino is a unique opportunity to see in action carefully reconstructed siege engines, infantry, archers and crossbowmen from the Thirteenth Century. For the audience a wonderful show, while it offers the reenactors the opportunity to field test the tactics studied on the period sources.

The Siege of Soncino is organized by the friends of the “Confraternita del Dragone” reenacting group with the cooperation of all the members from “Coorte XIII Secolo – Historia et Militia” Society.

Soncino 2015