Similarly to what we have said for the XI century, we try to reconstruct in the better way possible the everyday life and the society of the Piedmont of the second half of the XIII century as well.
The period is quite different to the year one thousand, is closer and richer of sources from which we can draw on, but this task is not difficult at all. The method and the spirit are the same to those we use for the XI century: reconstruct a total inside view of the Piedmont society of the XIII century, a real living fresco, closer as possible to historical reality.
In order to reconstruct this period, and depict all the classes, we have chosen to reconstruct the garrison of a small fortification of Turin, the Montosolo Castle (which rose on “strada del Pino” between Turin and Chieri), and the “little world” around it, composed by the people of the adjacent village. In this way, next to the castellan and the armed “clients” who defend the fortress, reconstructed using sources from that time, we can find artisans, servants, peasants, and women of the XIII century’s Piedmont.
In order to keep a high quality for our reconstructions we are join Coordinamento Mille&Duecento and Corte XIII Secolo movements: free national committees which bring together historical groups of the XIII century which share with us the same philosophy and structuring.

XIII Century: the garrison of Montosolo Castle

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