Historical reenactment is, as the name suggests, an activity whose main aim is to recreate a particular situation, picture or object: with this purpose in mind, known elements (like iconographies, books or archeological findings) or hypothesis are used in order to obtain a reproduction very close to the original.

Our association involved itself in the reconstruction of some aspects of the everyday life in the XI century’s Piedmont. Some experts can consider our choice a risky one, because there are few direct source materials from this period if you compare them with other richest periods. However the XI century, is a very central historical period for Piedmont- think for example to celebrities like Arduino of Ivrea or Adelaide of Susa- Italy and Europe too. It is also the period of the passage from early to late Middle Ages, the Norman conquest, the first Investiture conflicts, the risings of the city-states, and the first Crusade. Undoubtedly, a period full of charm.

In order to reconstruct a historical period, and especially a century like this that lacks information, is very important to create a collection of material sources which can be used for our reenactments. With this purpose in mind, in the course of time, we have created an iconographic and archeological archive, and a vast library for our members; for this reason we can claim that all our objects, and activities are reconstructions historically close to the past.
In order to reconstruct a total inside view of the Piedmont society of the early Middle Age, we have chosen to recreate the court and the retinue of the historical figure who actually existed, Emerico of Corio, a vassal of King Arduino of Ivrea at the beginning of the XI century. Together with the lord and his daughter, Libania, we can find also milites, clergymen, commoners, artisans and other common figures of the everyday life of the year one thousand.

With the purpose to bring out the important figure of King Arduino, the first King of Italy, from the beginning our association promotes reenactment projects: from the foundation of the Patto Arduinico in 2011, to the latest collaboration for the documentary “Re Arduino- Sans Despartir”, directed for the millennium from is death.