Speculum Historiae was founded in Torino at the beginning of 2009 from a group of friends, some with consolidated experience in the living history field, and some beginners. The association during the years grew until it became an aggregation point for researchers into medieval history: today its reliability and competence is widely recognized by the main local cultural authorities.

This has not altered the original vision of the group: Speculum Historiae, prior to being a cultural association, is a group of friends who want to have a good time and share a common passion.

The Essence

Given our passion, we are more that glad to take part to various events and show our activities to the public, in order to pass down some or our own enthusiasm and have the chance to  share knoledge.

The association also focuses in particular on reconstruction accuracy: the name itself Speculum Historiae (from latin “the mirror of history”) shows our mission to provide a representation of the past times as faithful and precise as possible, just like a mirror reflecting carefully every detail.

The activities

The association pursues different projects:

  • Living history of three periods: first half of XI century, second half of XIII century and first 20 years of XV century;
  • Histrorical european martial arts;
  • Study and reconstruction of clothes and objects on the basis of sources and extant findings;
  • Research and in-depth analysis on various aspects of everyday life and historical events;
  • Study and practice of medieval music and dances;
  • Participation to conferences;
  • Organization of educational events, meetings and exhibitions.

There are no limits or restrictions to the activities: every associate can propose and pursue a reconstruction project as long as it is coherent with the spirit of the association.