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Operating since 2009, Speculum Historiae was founded with the purpose of studying, reconstructing and divulgating Italian medieval history, focusing on the Piedmont area.


Our activities

The Association aims to reconstruct in details every single aspect of the lives of our forefathers, from domestic to military life, from religion to craftwork. In order to guarantee an accurate reproduction our activities are based on documents, iconographies and archeological finds. Our projects embrace activities such as living history, cultural and educational activities, experiential archeology, the study of historical european martial arts, historic archery and much more.

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Speculum Historiae is member of:

   Corte XIII secolo

Coordinamento Nazionale

Patto Arduinico
Coordinamento XI Secolo

Corte XIII Secolo
Historia et Militia

Speculum Historiae works with:


Borgo Medievale di Torino

Museo di Antichità di Torino

Centro di Ricerca sulle
Istituzioni e le Società Medievali

Soprintendenza per i Beni
Archeologici del Piemonte

Fondazione Torino Musei